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Insomnia and Menopause

Of all the unwelcome symptoms of menopause, sleep disturbance is perhaps the most frustrating. Just when you should be winding down to enjoy a more settled pace of life, menopause insomnia strikes, leaving you fatigued, irritable and unable to make the most of your middle years. Approximately 60% of women report sleeplessness during menopause, but it is not something you … Continue reading

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What is menopause?

Menopause is the name given to the stage in every woman’s life when her menstrual periods permanently stop and she is no longer able to fall pregnant. In Western women, the average age for menopause is 51 years, but it is not uncommon for women to begin experiencing menopausal symptoms far earlier, even as young as 30. The menopause is … Continue reading

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