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Hormone Disruptors and Irregular Periods

Recent scientific studies have shown that certain synthetic chemicals and materials can act as hormone disruptors, thus potentially adding to the symptoms associated with the menopause and causing irregularities with the monthly reproduction cycle of many women. One of the synthetic materials, found in almost every home, is plastic. Plastics emit chemicals which are not natural for our body, and … Continue reading

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Hot flushes: what works and what doesn’t

If you’ve ever had one, you’ll know the symptoms only too well. A hot flush or ‘hot flash’ is a sudden, intense feeling of heat that strikes without warning and rapidly spreads over the face and upper body. The sensation is often accompanied by uncontrollable sweating, a rapid heartbeat, nausea, dizziness and feelings of anxiety. Each flush can last up … Continue reading

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Yoga and Menopause

Fluctuating hormone levels during menopause can leave women feeling out of balance, both physically and emotionally. Hot flushes, muscle ache, disrupted sleep, anxiety, mood swings: menopausal women can often feel powerless and at the mercy of their own changing bodies. Women have traditionally turned to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for help, but the medication has been associated with a number … Continue reading

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How to Achieve Firmer and Perkier Breasts

One of the most noticeable after effects of pregnancy, and even more so after breast feeding, are sagging breasts. Once a woman has finished breast feeding, and the milk has dried up, the breasts will have lost their natural shape and firmness. This can be a very depressing outcome for many women, who, in turn, lose their self confidence in … Continue reading

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How to regain your figure after pregnancy

The average woman gains around 25-35 pounds during her pregnancy. This extra weight is essential for a healthy mother and baby, but many women struggle to get back into shape for months, and even years after the birth. While the health of you and your new baby should always remain the central focus, there are a number of highly effective … Continue reading

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How to flatten stomach after childbirth

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting and happy time but it can cause unwanted physical changes and extra weight that is difficult to shift. Undoubtedly the body part that the majority of women feel most self-conscious about after childbirth is the stomach. Pregnancy causes the muscles in this area to soften and stretch to accommodate the growing … Continue reading

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