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Counter Premenstrual Syndrome Using Natural Herbal Remedies

Counter Premenstrual Syndrome Using Natural Herbal Remedies  vagina tightning , menopause , menstruation , hot flushes , painful period pains , vagina after childbirth , Flatten stomach after childbirth For many women, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a miserable time of the month where they experience a variety of unpleasant symptoms such as irritability, depression, bloating, fatigue and severe cramping. While many of these symptoms are accepted as being unavoidable and a regular part of PMS, nothing could actually be further from the truth. The majority of PMS symptoms experienced by women are directly linked to wide fluctuations of hormones such as oestrogen and progesterone, and many women believe that if they can control these hormonal imbalances they will be able to minimize the extent of PMS.

Looking back to when I was in my early 30′s, I used to experience very unpleasant PMS symptoms, and they did not just affect myself, but my whole family. At that time I decided to research how best to alleviate, and, in some cases , completely prevent many of the symptoms from manifesting. Recently, my daughter has been suffering from many of the extreme symptoms that I experienced, and this prompted me to recall all that I had previously learned. After sharing these tips and remedies with my daughter, her monthly periods improved greatly and I have decided to share this information with others so that everyone can benefit from my experiences.

The first step was identifying a method of controlling these imbalanced hormones that were affecting my feelings and outlook on life. After must testing of various herbal remedies, I finally settled on one called Curcuma Comosa. This herb is derived from the ginger family and the range of benefits it offers for women is quite incredible. In addition to removing feelings of depression and irritability, Curcuma Comosa also proved effective at reducing the intense abdominal cramps and overwhelming fatigue that had been plaguing me for many years. Discovering this herb was truly a milestone in my life and something that I would urge every woman to at least try once.

While finding a suitable and effective herbal remedy was important, I also decided that I needed to make several changes to my dietary habits. Fundamental to my new eating regime was the inclusion of fatty fish and fresh green vegetables. These foods are traditionally high in omega 3 fatty acids, the presence of which are essential in preventing many PMS symptoms. My overall plan was to achieve a low sugar and fat diet whilst minimizing my alcohol and caffeine intake.

At one time I had accepted that PMS was a part of my life forever, as did my daughter. Luckily, we have both found effective methods in preventing these symptoms and enjoy a life free from fatigue, cramping, depression and irritability. Take the time to look at the root causes of your symptoms and try to give your body what it needs to maintain order and balance.

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