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How Can I Keep My Vagina Fresh?

How Can I Keep My Vagina Fresh? vagina tightning , menopause , menstruation , hot flushes , painful period pains , vagina after childbirth , Flatten stomach after childbirth Because it is such an embarrassing and sensitive topic for many women, the question ‘ How Can I Keep My Vagina Fresh?’ is often avoided at all costs, with many women not having the confidence to approach their doctors with this surprisingly common problem.

Vaginal odour is natural, with each women having their own unique scent. This only becomes an issue when the smell becomes stronger and overwhelming. When this happens, something must be done to remedy it.

Here we will look at five different causes and solutions of vaginal odour and provide some answers to the question, ‘ How Can I Keep My Vagina Fresh?‘.


Let’s begin with the obvious factor, hygiene and cleanliness. All women should maintain a high level of hygiene in the vaginal area. Although the vagina is capable of removing unwanted dirt and germs by itself, it is important to keep the surrounding area fresh and free of bacteria. One thing that should be avoided is the use of douches. These actually push dirt, germs and bacteria further into the vagina, increasing the likelihood of bad smells occurring. For maximum cleansing effect, simply wash the vaginal area softly with an unscented soap, and be sure to wash away all the soap afterwards as leftover soap can actually cause yeast infections.


It is important that the vagina is allowed to breathe, and this is greatly affected by the choice of underwear used. Panties manufactured from synthetic materials, tight trousers and tights all restrict airflow, which is a major cause of bacterial growth. To maximise air circulation in the vaginal area, and to keep your vagina fresh at all times, try to use cotton panties and loose clothing.


Generally speaking, if a part of your body is emitting an unusual and unpleasant smell, it is usually a sign that something is wrong in that area. The vagina is no different, and those who are experiencing overwhelming smells in the vaginal area should look at some of the products being used there as a potential source of bad odour. If you use tampons, pads or toilet paper that is fragranced, then that could well be the source of the irritation. In addition to this, concentrated soaps and detergents can also cause irritation and are other factors worth considering. Make sure all products used are limited to more natural products, without any harsh dyes or fragrances added.


This is one step that does involve a trip to the doctors. If you suspect the source of your unpleasant vaginal odour is due to infection, it is imperative you visit your doctor, and receive the appropriate medical advice. The most common odours associated with infections are fishy odours, and are particularly pungent after sex. Vaginal infections will usually have other accompanying symptoms such as unusual discharge, burning sensations, tenderness and itching.

Natural Hormonal Balance

As previously stated, every women has a natural scent, and some might just be unlucky that their odour is stronger due to a slight hormonal imbalance. By consuming herbal remedies and supplements, such as Curcuma Comosa, you can regulate hormone production and regain hormonal balance, which should lessen unpleasant odours and return the freshness to your vagina.

Follow these tips to keep your vagina fresh and healthy!

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