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Hormone Disruptors and Irregular Periods

Hormone Disruptors and Irregular Periods vagina tightning , menopause , menstruation , hot flushes , painful period pains , vagina after childbirth , Flatten stomach after childbirth Recent scientific studies have shown that certain synthetic chemicals and materials can act as hormone disruptors, thus potentially adding to the symptoms associated with the menopause and causing irregularities with the monthly reproduction cycle of many women.

One of the synthetic materials, found in almost every home, is plastic. Plastics emit chemicals which are not natural for our body, and are often toxic. These chemical emissions are known as hormone disruptors and can severely affect the chemical balance within your body. One of the main hormones known to be affected is oestrogen. The toxins that effect oestrogen balance are called xenoestrogens, and have been linked to breast cancer, endometriosis and other reproductive problems. Further studies have also linked it to irregular periods, a problem which is notoriously hard to identify a cause for.

Now, it’s easy to state that plastic has negative effects under certain circumstances, but how can these negative consequences be combated; what steps can be taken to minimize the risk?

Firstly, heat should be considered something to avoid when dealing with plastic bottles. Ensure your water bottles are not left out in the sun, as heat acts as a catalyst for these hormone disruptors. Secondly, try to avoid using cling film in the microwave, instead using another ceramic dish as a covering. The last thing you want is contaminated meals through heating food with plastic coverings. Finally, avoid buying foods wrapped primarily in plastic. Fresh foods are a much healthier option, devoid of the many harmful chemicals often found in these “convenient snacks”.

For those who are currently suffering from irregular periods, or other symptoms linked to hormonal imbalances, don’t worry, because there are solutions available to counter these negative effects. By consuming herbal supplements, such as Curcuma Comosa, you can restore balance to your body’s hormones, and make irregular periods a thing of the past.

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