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Exercise During The Menopause

Exercise During The Menopause vagina tightning , menopause , menstruation , hot flushes , painful period pains , vagina after childbirth , Flatten stomach after childbirth When a woman is approaching the menopause, it can be easy for her to let feelings of depression and anxiety become overwhelming. These negative feelings can cause women to perhaps abandon and lose motivation for fitness regimes and dietary changes. This, however, is one of the sure fire ways to exacerbate those unpleasant menopause symptoms. Along with a natural menopause treatment, such as a herbal remedy, it is incredibly important that all women undertake a regular programme of exercise.

By exercising more regularly, women can stave off menopause symptoms, osteoporosis, heart disease and improve energy levels in their day to day lives.

One of the most popular and effective forms of fitness for women are aerobic exercises. These types of exercises are excellent because they provide so many benefits, both physical and psychological. Aerobic exercise is known to reduce feelings of tension and raise a person’s mood which is perfect for those women suffering from depression and anxiety due to the wildly fluctuating hormone levels in their bodies.

Exercise is also a known stimulant of certain types of hormones called endorphins. These types of hormones induce natural feelings of happiness, which can last for several hours after exercising. In addition to this, the idea of doing something perceived as healthy can also provide a lift, thus further enhancing the notion that women who are suffering from depression during the menopause should definitely be increasing their exercise activities.

Another hormone, that’s production is increased after exercising, is oestrogen. This is a significant fact as many of the more severe menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats and bladder control issues, are all linked to falling levels of oestrogen during the menopause. It seems that by exercising regularly, many of the physical symptoms of the menopause, which many women find completely debilitating, can be eliminated.

One often forgotten symptom of the menopause is memory loss. What many women are unaware of is that regular exercise can actually reduce instances of memory loss by improving blood circulation to the brain. Doctors are keen to stress the role exercising has in reducing ‘brain fog’, and how keeping active can help your mind to stay sharp.

As well as offering relief for menopausal symptoms, and as a good support for whatever natural menopause treatment you use, exercising can also prevent many of the other problems that arise as women get older. Conditions such as osteoporosis and heart disease are not as likely to manifest in those who exercise regularly.

As stated before, regular exercise is the key…….but often it is hard to find the time and motivation to exercise regularly. What can help is finding an activity/sport that you enjoy doing, or set yourself some personal goals and achievements to work towards. Joining a local gym can be a great step. Often, they will have professional trainers that can advise you on what exercises to start out with, and provide support regarding matters of fitness and health. Starting new activities with friends is a good idea. Whether it is organised sports you do together, or simply casual activities such as hill walking, participating with friends is a great way to stop boredom creeping in and keep your motivation levels high.

With regular exercise and an effective natural menopause treatment, it is certainly possible for all women to go through the menopause without having to cope with all the unpleasant symptoms and side effects.

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