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Childbirth and Sex

Childbirth and Sex vagina tightning , menopause , menstruation , hot flushes , painful period pains , vagina after childbirth , Flatten stomach after childbirth After the amazing experience of childbirth, many women simply accept that their vagina will never be able to regain the strength and tightness of before.

To counter this potential issue, many women actually forgo a natural childbirth, instead favouring a risky caesarean birth. This line of thinking can actually have the opposite effect, with many women finding the pain and recovery time associated with a caesarean section actually lessening their desire to have sex.

While a natural childbirth cause many women to have a stretched vagina, modern studies have managed to unearth many potential exercises, dietary changes and herbal supplements that can restore tightness to a woman’s vagina.

Before we talk about the different tightening methods available, let us look at some of the indicators that your vagina requires tightening:

a) It is hard to grip your index finger by tightening your vagina.
b) Your vagina remains open when not in a state of arousal.
c) Your partner comments on the change.

Here are some of the best methods, recommended by many women around the world as proven methods of achieving a tighter vagina:

1) Kegal Exercises – These are widely believed to be the most effective exercises with regards to tightening vaginal muscles. The kegal exercise should be practised 8-10 times every day, and can also help with incontinence issues, as well as simply adding extra tightness.

2) Vaginal Cones – These are cones that are inserted into the vagina and then clenched using the vaginal muscles. This can promote greater control and help to tighten loose vaginas.

3) Herbal Supplements – Many Western women are now discovering the secrets and benefits of herbal remedies. Curcuma Comosa is able to tighten the vaginal muscles, without the need for exercises and special diets.

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