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Beauty Tips – Part 2

Beauty Tips   Part 2 vagina tightning , menopause , menstruation , hot flushes , painful period pains , vagina after childbirth , Flatten stomach after childbirth The menopause represents a period of change for women, and in turn offers an excellent opportunity for women to take stock of their current hair and make-up practices. Many women are reluctant to change their products, even if they have been using them for 30 years, but it is important to remember that nothing can make a women look older than using old-fashioned make-up and hair styles.

Today I will offer some general advice, reviewing some of the key points to be noted when updating your make-up and hair styling techniques.


  • It is a known fact that as a women gets older, her skin will often get lighter in tone. Consider choosing a lighter shade for your hair, or perhaps add some lighter highlights around your face.
  • Choose a hairstyle that is current. Try to pick a modern hairstyle that complements and enhances your face, and also fits with your lifestyle. If you pick a hairstyle that requires too much preparation, and you have a busy family life, then it might prove to be a hindrance and lower your motivation.
  • If you choose to adopt a lighter hair colour, ensure that you also match your make-up by choosing softer colours.
  • Eyebrows

    • Eyebrows that are well shaped can have an amazing impact on how you look. It is worth considering going to a professional, even if just once, to learn some of the best techniques. Avoid using wax as it can pull on the skin and instead opt for eyebrow threading or tweezing.
    • Over time, your eyebrows will perhaps become lighter and sparser. Counter this by adding extra definition using powder, a pencil or a gel that closely matches your hair colour.
    • Foundation and Powder

      • Use light levels of foundation application, perhaps even combining it with some moisturizer.
      • Light reflecting foundations can be an attractive option and tinted moisturizers can help to restore your natural glow.
      • Powder should be applied with a light touch. Choose one that is moisturizing and can be applied smoothly.
      • Blush

        • Blush is most effectively applied to the apples of your cheeks.
        • A cream blush is often a better choice for enhancing skin colour and texture.
        • Eyes

          • Open up your eyes by curling your lashes.
          • Neutral shades are often more flattering than bold ones.
          • Use a soft liner to enhance the shape of your eyes and use mascara to add definition.
          • Lips

            • Use lip balm at the beginning of your make-up application, allowing it time to set.
            • Avoid feathering by using powder or foundation close to the lip line.
            • Use a lip liner close to the natural shade of your lips.
            • I hope these tips have been useful, and it should also be noted that there are other, natural ways to enhance your beauty without relying on commercial make-up products. Herbal remedies such as Curcuma Comosa can return the shine to your hair and restore your skins natural glow. Available in an easy to consume capsule form, this herb has been rapidly gaining popularity amongst women all over the world.

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