CCHerb was founded after we noticed a niche in the market of herbal remedies. We were aware that many women around the world desired to have natural remedies for various ailments such as period pains, menopausal symptoms and post pregnancy body toning, especially after many of the more commonly prescribed solutions from Western practitioners had failed to produce the desired results.

Our vision is to promote the effectiveness of Curcuma Comosa, informing women of its benefits and how it can be beneficial to their health and empowering for their lives.

At CCHerb, we truly believe in our product and want to make Curcuma Comosa available to as many women as possible by employing the most modern methods of communication. We invite feedback and discussion for all our blogs and welcome our followers to voice their own opinions on the subject of women’s health, fashion and general lifestyle choices.

We want CCHerb to become a dynamic brand that encompasses all of the above, and allows us to expand into new territories as opportunities arise.